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Monday, 17 July 2017

Day 21... I'm so high...

9318 ft to be exact!!

Having crashed out last night early without blogging (gasp!!) and then waking up this morning with a pounding head... and knees that feel like they belong to an 80 year old... it was confirmation that today would be a good rest day day! I had already spoken to the owner of the hostel... Im fine with a mixed dorm... but a bit of privacy and my own electrical sockets were too good an opportunity and I sorted out a private room for another night here.

I was determined to explore Silverton... it had seemed like a wierd kinda place... however my pounding head told me to lie down (now in my own room) and I once again crashed out... for another 4 hours!!

Awoke again at 12:30 ... headache gone but still not feeling quite right.. dehydration I think and so I set out to look around ... explore a bit... and get lunch!

The town is old.. that much is clear. Also host to one of the earliest railways from what I can gather. A history of gold and more importantly Silver mining in its background... despite all the tourists it somehow manages to retain that frontier town feel
Yes... there are gift shops ... and restaurants but equally there is the old jail... and the restaurant once housed the courthouse... and that place over the road was where the last whorehouse in Silverton was!! Lots of history... linked to the railroad and the mines.

Somehow it mixes the old and the new in a wierd kinda blend that normally I'd be determined to dislike but actually secretly think is kinda cool.

Lunch was at a disappointing 'McDonalds like' place only it seemed to take them forever to get the order sorted. Near the end of my lunch... the train arrived... so I jumped out to take a photo. Quite impressive even for a non-train lover... this engine looked like it had been hauling loads up the mountains since the railway was built here.

Having walked round town and finding nothing to buy (woohoo) I did stop briefly at one shop that would be illegal in the UK.
Colorado is one of the states that legalised Cannabis and there are shops right along the main street that sell it! This was almost as wierd as gun shops for a brit like myself!!
(And nothing whatsoever to do with this blog's title!)

Then I went back to the hostel to do some needed bike maintenance... chain clean and oil and bike brake clean (back brakes only.. can't sort the front ones) As I was doing that... the clouds gathered... the sky darkened... and Hail began to fall... yup HAIL!! It certainly speeded up bike maintenance!!

A few hours later I made my way back into town for an early dinner... back to where I had eaten yesyerday evening. Today as perhaps is fitting for a wild west town.. I was served by a middle aged lady with two teardrop tatoos beneath her left eye! Now I know what they are supposed to represent and was desperate to ask... but didn't! It just seemed like (stereotypically) of all the people in the restaurant.. she would be the last one I'd put those tattoos on... interesting!!

I feel kinda wierd not being on the road today... bit restless... not moving! Tomorrow I'm off again... on the road to Durango... where the train starts... and only around 55 miles away. There will be some up of course but mainly down so hoping that my legs (and knees) are back in working order.

Thank you to everyone that has sent in messages... comments... has liked... and shared and sponsored. I try and answer everyone but if I dont please be aware that I'm very thankful and appreciative of all the support and generosity.

Back out on the road tomorrow!!