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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 11 - Part 2... Love and Understanding

Hi everyone

Thank you for your support and sponsorship so far..
Its been a hell of a journey.
Over 600 miles into yet another adventure of a lifetime and I have to scratch from the race.
Yes it sucks... its the end of an adventure.. but the beginning of my own..

Let me explain

I have been slow in comparison to what I needed to be in order to finish the race...

I need to be far enough South so that I can be picked up by my friends Louize and Mark in time to catch my plane home

After Helena I go into an area which may take many days to get through and I risk getting stuck somewhere where I cannot escape via greyhound/Amtrack to get my flight home...

BUT... I am NOT giving up...

I may have to scratch from the race but Im not done with the cycling yet.

I still want to push my limits and #sufferforsponsorship to raise even more money for LHS so this is my plan...

Take A Greyhound bus from here... South to Steamboat Springs in Colorado and start cycling again from there... see how far I get. Its a logistical thing.

And I hope you understand
I dont want to let anyone down
I don't want to feel as though I have let myself down

But now this journey has become MY adventure. Up till now... through choice I have followed a path set by someone else which has forced me into places that physically and mentally I have never been before and taken me through parts of Canada and America that I feel so priviledged to have seen.

Now although I will follow the race route still and push myself harder... I will cycle to my own tune.

I will be blogging daily as I have been doing and even if trackleaders no longer keeps me on their page... you can follow my progress in exactly the same way via my SPOT tracker at the following link

I hope that you will continue to follow the journey and spread the word to help Fight Back against Cancer

Love Hope and Strength to everyone