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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Day 3 - Sooo far out of my comfort zone

Firstly a massive thank you to everyone for their support and encouragement. I am totally humbled by it.
Only 2 days in and already I am battered and suffered a serious low yesterday.... on the verge of calling it a day on the race. But messages of support... especially from those who have done this and suffered in kind have really helped. When they say they were scared too... it helps cos you dont feel so silly blowing the whistle every 2 seconds.

I have spent the day recuperating and trying to eat lots of calories in preparation for the next few days. I have studied the maps and it looks like another long couple of days with the possibility of camping out again. I have to say that I am full of trepidation... the fear of meeting a bear at night is not a nice one and it makes me hesitate when looking at the days to come.

The mossie bites have been really annoying me today so I found some bite cream which takes the itch out a little bit. The lady in the pizza place last night said its the worst they have ever been... normally they dont have any! Great 👍

My plan is to pack up tonight and leave as soon as light comes up tomorrow... if it is as big a day as before then im in for a long one. I dont fancy another nightime descent so I may stop short of the last pass and stay in the campsite there but see how it goes. If goes well..  the border may be a possibility. But given the hell of the last few days... im not counting my bears before they hatch.

The bike has performed well so far with no issues... long may that continue.

Once again... thanks for the support! There may not be a blog tomorrow if I dont get over the border but hopefully my spot tracker will either register on my SPOT find me page or trackleaders. If not my check in/ok message should get to someone on my email list so maybe they would post on my page for me.

Thafs it from today... roll on tomorrow and getting that dot moving again 😁